Speech Pathology Child Checklists

If you are concerned about your child’s speech or language development, please view our online age-based Child Checklists or complete our online enquiry form to have one of our Speech Pathologists contact you.

Why does my child or teenager need a Speech Pathologist?

You should refer any child:

  1. If you or other people are having difficulty understanding your child
  2. If people think your child is younger than they are because of the way they speak
  3. If your child is being teased or showing frustration because of the way they talk
  4. If your child is using fewer words than other children their age
  5. If your child stutters
  6. If your child’s interactions or play seems unusual or inappropriate
  7. If your child is struggling with reading or writing
  8. Who has a diagnosis that could affect his/her speech or language such as hearing loss, auditory processing disorder, autism, Aspbergers Syndrome, developmental delay, etc.

Checklist indicators for referring to speech pathology:

Simply click your child’s age below for an age-appropriate checklist.

Child Checklists