Teenager Speech Pathology Child Checklist

A teenager may need to see a speech pathologist if he/she:

Checklist Teenager    Checklist Teenager

Is stuttering

Is having difficulty with any sounds in his or her speech

Is having difficulty with grammar

Has a limited vocabulary compared to same-aged peers

Is having difficulty asking or answering questions (who, what, how, why, when, where)

Can not participate in detailed conversations

Is reluctant to answer questions in the classroom

Has trouble thinking of the word he or she wants to say

Gets frustrated because he or she is having trouble understanding something or communicating something

Frequently avoids talking

Is not remembering and following instructions with 3-4 steps

Is not using language to give information, have conversations, entertain and persuade

Is having difficulty identifying and solving problems appropriately

Is not engaging in appropriate social interactions with other kids

Is not using subject-related vocabulary

Has difficulty understanding the difference between a fact and opinion

Finds it hard to analyse another person’s viewpoint

Cannot compare and contrast views and opinions

Cannot critically review what has been read

Cannot analyse social situations and alter language appropriately

Cannot explain what they have learned at school

Cannot read aloud fluently

Cannot analyse what has been read

Is behind in his or her reading ability

Has trouble spelling

Has difficulty writing

Has difficulty with schoolwork

Has trouble with reading comprehension tasks

Has trouble with auditory comprehension tasks

Has difficulty understanding jokes

Has difficulty understanding figurative language (eg he turned over a new leaf)

Gets confused with multiple meaning words (eg ‘bark’ is something a dog does and also something on a tree trunk)

Has difficulty following conversations in a group