Phonological Awareness Screener (Australian)

Purpose: To determine whether a student has difficulties with phonological awareness. Phonological awareness involves being able to hear the sounds in words and manipulate those sounds. This skill is vital for efficient decoding of written words and forms a critical foundation for reading spelling. Age: This screener can be used for any age above 4. [...]

Decoding Screener (Australian)

Purpose: To determine whether a student has difficulties with decoding. Many students who struggle with reading have learned to read many words through memorising whole words. This test uses non-words, so that the student must use only the decoding method, rather than visual recognition. Age: This screener can be used for any age 5 and [...]

The Power of Books – Reading to Your Child from Birth

By Rosalie Zerna, B.Speech Pathology  “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, “Who Sank the Boat”, “Spot”, “Just Shopping with Mum”, “Possum Magic”….are just a few of the favourite books from my childhood! I have many fond memories of books that were read to me by my parents and grandparents growing up. As well as being a fun [...]

School Readiness: Fifteen Skills to Help Your Child

My son starts school next week. My first born child is about to become a school boy. I managed to forego the tissues at school transition last year, but it lead me to think about the big changes he is going to face this year. As I’ve been beginning this school journey, I’ve chatted with [...]

5 Ways to Distract Your Child… and Build Language!

Is it just me who finds myself frequently in need of finding a way to distract a toddler or pre-schooler? I’m sure I’m not alone in this. You know those times, right? For me it looks like: Both kiddies getting worked up about something in the car. My toddler is in the trolley at the [...]

Autism App Wheel

I love apps! I love using the iPad and iPhone with my clients who don't engage easily with other tasks. Children on the autism spectrum seem to engage very readily with iPads. This means that I'm always on the look out for great apps that will benefit these kids. Click image to enlarge. (Autism App [...]

Help! My 2 year old’s speech is delayed.

The following is a Question and Answer from the 'Ask and Expert' section of the 'Go Ask Mum' website, answered by Liberty Gates from Liberty Speech Pathology. Q: Hi, I have a 27 month old son who is behind in speech development. He can say about 30 words but does not use them all consistently. [...]

The Dummy Spit

Back in my days as a new grad speech pathologist, I formed this idea that dummies were a terrible, ghastly device that would cause all sorts of issues in a baby’s development. When I was pregnant with my first baby, my feet were planted firmly in the anti-dummy camp as I proudly ticked the box [...]