Workshops, Training and Professional Development


Who uses Liberty Speech Pathology workshops and training sessions?

  • Primary Schools
  • High Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Child Care Settings
  • Parent’s groups
  • Council run Family Connections groups
  • Other organisations that work with children or parents

What Workshops/Seminars are available?

Key Word Signing for children with communication difficulties4 – 5 hours

  • What, why, who & how of key word signing
  • Practical activities: learning 150 Auslan signs

Children’s Speech and Language Development – What to expect1 hour

  • What normal development looks like
  • Signs to look for that suggest that there might be a problem with speech or language

Fostering Speech and Language Skills in Young Children2 hours

  • Practical activities that you can use at home, kindy or child care centre to maximise opportunities for speech and language development.

Communication for Children who are late talkers2 hours

  • Reducing your toddler or preschooler’s frustration
  • Creating motivation for children to communicate
  • Creating opportunities for children to communicate
  • Working with symbols and signs to help children to communicate

Helping your baby to communicate 2 hours

  • Reduce frustration for your bubs under 2
  • Baby signing (you will learn 20 signs)
  • Effective modelling of language
  • Creating opportunities for your baby to communicate

Early Reading Skills – 2-3 hours

  • Pre-literacy skills: the skills children need before they can learn to read
  • How to make the most of reading picture books to your child
  • Practical activities for home, kindy or child care centre to foster early reading skills

Phonological Awareness: The Building Blocks for Literacy Success2 hours

  • The underlying skills that are critical for literacy success
  • Working with children who struggle with literacy – from theory to practice

Stuttering in the School-Aged child – 1-2 hours

  • Facts & Fiction about stuttering
  • Strategies for teachers

Improving Language Skills in the Classroom (time dependant on school needs). Content depends on individual school needs and may include:

  • Strategies to help children with Language Disorders
  • Strategies that will help your whole class improve their language skills
  • Effective Questioning
  • Word-retrieval strategies
  • Visual aids in the classroom
  • Strategies for children with receptive language difficulties
  • Other areas of language delay or disorder relevant to your individual students

Auditory Processing Disorder –  1 hour

  • What is Auditory Processing Disorder?
  • What are some warning signs that a student may have Auditory Processing Disorder?
  • Strategies for the classroom to maximise students’ learning

Speech and Language Disorders in the Classroom2 hours

  • What is a speech disorder?
  • What is a language disorder?
  • How do speech and language disorders affect learning?
  • Strategies for teachers to use in the classroom.

Voice Care for teachers1 hour

  • How the voice works
  • Causes of voice problems
  • How to care for your voice

Understanding your child/student’s personality2 hours

  • A look at the four temperaments: sanguine, melancholic, choleric and phlegmatic
  • How to recognise your child’s personality type and know their natural strengths and weaknesses
  • How to maximise your child’s strengths and help them work on weaknesses
  • How to recognise personality types in your students to maximise success in your classroom

Other workshops relating to speech, language, fluency or literacy can be tailored to your school’s or centre’s needs – just ask!

How do I book a workshop/seminar?

Phone Liberty Speech Pathology on 7226 3903 to make a booking or discuss your centre’s training needs. If you are a parent interested in attending one of these workshops, please contact us to discuss.