Ten Reasons to Choose Liberty Speech Pathology

With more and more speech pathology practices being established in Adelaide, choosing where to take your child can be a confusing decision. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Is the clinic child friendly?
    Liberty Speech Pathology is a colourful, fun clinic full of games and activities to appeal to kids and teens of all ages!
  2. Does the speech pathology practice have regular professional development in place to keep speech pathologists’ knowledge and skills up to date?
    Liberty Speech Pathology has staff training sessions every fortnight for professional development. Training encompasses areas such as autism, hearing impairment, stuttering, literacy, speech therapy techniques, etc. In addition to this, we engage in speech pathology professional development workshops. Our speech pathologists are all part of the Speech Pathology Australia Continuing Professional Development program.
  3. Does the speech pathologist have good rapport with your child?
    Liberty Speech Pathology believes it is of utmost importance that our speech pathologists make a great connection with kids and teens. Our staff are experienced in establishing rapport with kids and so many of our kiddies adore their speechie! We believe speech pathology should be fun, and our range of games and therapy activities is simply enormous.
  4. How long has the speech pathology practice been operating?
    Liberty Speech Pathology has been operating for over 9 years. We have provided assessments and therapy to thousands of kids in our clinic as well as many schools. We are well experienced in working with kids of all ages, with all kinds of needs and with a range of diagnoses.
  5. How long are the sessions?
    At Liberty Speech Pathology, our experience has taught us that 45 minutes is the ideal length of therapy sessions. We feel that 30 minute sessions are not sufficient to practice and consolidate new skills. 60 minute sessions are too long for children to stay on task for the whole time. 50 minutes is an ideal length – allowing 40 minutes working directly with your child to teach and practice skills, whilst still maintaining a child’s attention followed by 10 minutes writing session notes and a plan for the next session.
  6. How well resourced is the practice?
    Liberty Speech Pathology has a massive number of resources. We never stop adding to our pool of resources and have amassed loads of purchased resources. We have also designed and made hundreds of our own therapy resources to meet the varied needs of our different clients.
  7. Does the practice have a combination of experienced speech pathologists and new graduates?
    Liberty Speech Pathology is very enthusiastic about employing new graduates. New grads are well versed in technology and come equipped with the latest in research findings and evidence base for therapy and assessments. They help make sure that we stay up-to-date in our practices.  Private practice is very different from many other speech pathology jobs (for example, many speech pathology jobs are consultative, or provide services limited to a very specific age range or disability level). We once had a speech pathologist tell us she had learned more in 2 months at Liberty Speech Pathology than in 2 years elsewhere. New graduates come with a learning mindset and it is our experience that they have learned our therapy approach and techniques quickly and readily. Liberty Speech Pathology makes sure that there is regular training and support in place for all of our speech pathologists, so that we can all practice in excellence.
  8. What is the cost?
    We know that any private health option is not cheap. Liberty Speech Pathology strives to keep our prices as low as we can to make our service as accessible as possible. There are a number of funding options available (see here for more details: https://www.libertyspeech.com.au/about-liberty-speech-pathology/pricing/)
  9. Is there a waiting list?
    Liberty Speech Pathology believes that it is always best to start therapy as early as possible. There is no time like the present to begin therapy for your child. Waiting for therapy is potentially missing out on crucial opportunities with your child. This is why Liberty Speech Pathology strives to see children immediately. When we start to develop a waiting list, we employ another speech pathologist to clear the list. Currently, there is no waiting list for services.
  10. Does the practice see results?
    Liberty Speech Pathology is a strong believer in evidence based practice. We delight in seeing our kids and teens progress in their goals. We provide home practice so that you can continue to work on your child’s goals at home. Conducting standardised assessments helps us to measure the gains that have been made in therapy so that we can monitor progress. Liberty Speech Pathology is all about seeing results!

Liberty Speech Pathology is passionate about all things communication. We also love helping kids be the best communicators they can be. We hope we can help your child soon!