What to expect from Liberty Speech Pathology

Liberty Speech Pathology Adelaide | What to expect Liberty Speech Pathology Adelaide | What to expect

Liberty Speech Pathology is a private speech pathology practice offering services to kids and teens aged 18 months to 18 years.

  • On your first visit, your speech pathologist will ask you about your child’s difficulty, history of their speech and language and other relevant information.
  • The speech pathologist may spend a little bit of time playing with younger children to help them feel comfortable and also to observe their language during play. Your speech pathologist may also wish to observe you and your child playing together to take note of your child’s speaking.
  • Your child will be assessed to determine their speech, language, stuttering or literacy difficulties and a report will be provided.
  • Friendly and fun therapy using games and motivating activities will be used to improve your child’s speech sounds, language, literacy or fluency.
  • School visits and teacher consultation can be arranged for students in certain schools.
  • Fun take-home activities will be provided for practice.
  • If you happen to come in on one of our dress up days, you may expect to be seen by a speech fairy, a speech pirate or a speech princess! (Don’t worry – we don’t dress up for older kids!) Check out our Facebook page to find out when they are happening – maybe your child would like to come dressed up, too!