Remote Therapy at Liberty Speech Pathology

Teletherapy/Video Therapy for remote and COVID-19 Corona Virus-affected clients

If you need to keep your distance (eg if you or your child are self-isolating), we can still continue therapy supports remotely.  This is the normal way that kids in some country areas of Australia access therapy.

It is called Teletherapy, telehealth or telepractice.

Here is how we keep your child’s therapy continuing remotely:

  • Teletherapy via Zoom. You will need to have an ipad/tablet, laptop, computer or other device with video capabilty. If you choose this option, we will send you more details of how to access this service. (Please note – some children will not be able to sit in front of a screen for 40 minutes, so in this case the time will be partly face-to-face and partly consulting with the caregiver.)
  • Home programming – this means that we spend your child’s normal session time writing out a home practice program for the week, then send this and the relevant resources to you. You can do this with your child at home. You can also discuss with your child’s SSO/early childhood worker if they can support this program in their environment.
  • Phone consulting – this means we use your child’s normal session time to consult with you over the phone regarding things you could implement at home and how things are going and give you ideas and strategies of ways to work with your child towards their language goals over the week.
  • Non face-to-face time – this is where we use your child’s session time to make individualised resources for your child (eg PECS cards, picture symbols, etc.)

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In these uncertain and unpredictable times, we are determined to continue working with you to keep your child’s therapy supports as consistent as possible. We know the continuity of your child’s therapy is important to you and it is important to us as well.

Thank you for supporting our staff at this time as we find ways to keep progress going.