5 Year Old Speech Pathology Child Checklist

A 5 year old may need to see a speech pathologist if he/she:Checklist 5 year old

Is stuttering (repeating sounds or words or prolonging sounds)

Is not easily understood by unfamiliar listeners

Is having difficulty with any sound except for ‘th’

Cannot explain how an object can be used

Cannot answer ‘when’ and ‘why’ questions

Is not using language to talk about past and future events

Cannot participate in detailed conversations

Is reluctant to answer questions in the classroom

Has trouble thinking of the word he or she wants to say

Gets frustrated because he or she is having trouble understanding something or communicating something

Is not able to make comparisons (eg “How are apple and orange similar? How are they different?”)

Frequently avoids talking

Is having difficulty learning to read

Finds it difficult to rhyme words

Finds it difficult to find words that ‘start with the same sound’, or words that start with a specified sound
(eg ‘show me all the words that start with the ‘p’ sound)

Is not engaging in appropriate social interactions with other kids